Rules and guidelines for the GG community

It is important to us that our messenger is safe and user friendly, so below we present a list of activities prohibited and not tolerated within GG:

  1. Depiction of nudity; if the person is completely naked or only slightly covered in a way that would be unacceptable in a public place (drawings, pictures, etc. are treated as equal to photos).
  2. Posting photos, pictures or drawings of an erotic nature.

    • Photos, pictures, drawings of a person in underwear,
    • Photos, pictures, drawings of intimate parts,
    • Photos, pictures, drawings with visible breasts, buttocks, etc.,
    • Photos, pictures, drawings of sex toys,
    • Photos, pictures, drawings of erotic symbols,
    • Photos, pictures, drawings, symbols of totalitarian regimes,
    • Hate material or images depicting violence.
  3. Having accounts for the exchange or sale of erotic photos or videos.
  4. Presentation of gender and sexual preference in the “Name” and “Location” fields.
  5. Describing a fetish.
  6. The use of programs for automatic selection of chat users.
  7. Other activities detrimental to good manners and generally accepted principles of using the Internet.

Additional information can be found in our Terms of Use at

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