About Fintecom

Fintecom Sp. z o.o. (formerly Sp.z o.o.) is a company with the status of a National Payment Institution, supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. We specialise in fast and free money transfers between Great Britain and Poland as part of our service. In 2017, we passported our services to all EU countries through the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, thanks to which in mid-2018 we were able to enrich our transfer offer with a new direction and offered our clients transfers at an excellent rate between all European Union countries under the new FX City brand.

At the beginning of 2018, we purchased the GG Messenger. This investment is part of our long-term business strategy as we have several propositions on how to use the Messenger’s capabilities to implement innovative FinTech services. We believe that through innovation and distinction from other messengers, we will be able to restore GG to its former glory and make it the first choice Messenger, being a place for secure communication, enriched with additional services. We have already begun the process of continuous development and improvement of the Messenger, introducing new services and functionalities. At the same time, we want to comply with high standards and ethics to protect our users’ privacy.

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