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Meet new people, keep in touch, on your own terms using any device. Even faster, even safer.


GG is universal

On your phone, on your computer, in your browser. At home, at work, on the go.
Everywhere and on every device.
For teenagers, adults, seniors and business owners.
GG helps to take care of relationships and create new ones – thanks to the ‘Lucky Pick’; the possibility of drawing new contacts.


GG is secure

Your conversations are encrypted, and no unauthorized person will know their content. What you write stays between you. When you write “cat”, you will not see a pet food advert.
No trade secrets will be leaked from your company. We make sure that conversations at GG are discreet.


GG’s Mission

Our mission is to bring people together through encouraging daily communication. The better the communication, the stronger the relationship – private and business.

Better relationships lead to a better world. Change the world with us. Even better, even safer.


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