"GG Premium"
Terms of Service

Effective from 08.06.2022


The GG Instant Messenger is available in two versions: the Standard version and the Premium version.
The functionalities of the GG Instant Messenger in the Standard version are free of charge. In the GG Premium service, the User obtains voluntary access to the benefits package for a small fee.
The following Terms of Service define the terms and conditions of use of the “GG Premium” Service provided by Fintecom Sp. z o.o. The Terms of Service define the rights and obligations of the Users as well as the rights, obligations and scope of liability of Fintecom, as well as the conditions for the provision of the Service by Fintecom. Please read the Terms of Service carefully before using the “GG Premium” Service.


  1. GG (Gadu-Gadu) – Instant messenger owned by Fintecom Sp. z o. o., with its registered office in Koszalin;
  2. Fintecom – Fintecom Sp. z o.o. incorporated under the laws of Poland. Registered address: ul. Marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego 45, 75-502 Koszalin, Poland. KRS 0000362067; REGON 320877907; NIP 6692501424; having the status of a National Payment Institution [Krajowa Instytucja Płatnicza], supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (licence no. IP4/2013). The share capital of the company amounts to PLN 600,000, paid in full;
  3. PayU S.A. – a payment service provider through which “GG Premium” can be purchased. PayU S.A. is the controller of payments made by payment cards, among other means. PayU S.A., with its registered seat in Poznan, 60-166 Poznan, ul. Grunwaldzka 186, is a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, entered in the Payment Services Register under no. IP1/2012, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Poznan – Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznan, VIII
    Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no. KRS 0000274399, with tax identification number NIP: 779-23-08-495, REGON: 300523444;
  4. Centrum Technologii Mobilnych Mobiltek S.A. – an intermediary in the SMS Plus mobile payment service, through which it is possible to purchase “GG Premium”. Mobiltek S.A. with headquarters in Krakow, ul. Józefińska 2, 30-529 Kraków, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court for Kraków Śródmieście, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number KRS 0000265333, NIP 675-12-79-514.
  5. Google Play – a platform through which “GG Premium” can be purchased. The payment controller is Google Ireland Limited, a company incorporated and operating under the Irish law (company number: 368047), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.
  6. App Store – a platform through which “GG Premium” can be purchased. The payment controller is Apple Inc., One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA;
  7. SMS Plus – a service (so-called “Directbilling” or “DCB”) offered in cooperation with Mobiltek and some GSM Operators, allowing the GG User to make payments for GG Premium, by adding the purchase value by the GSM Operator to his telephone bill or deducted from the funds on the phone card (for pre-paid phones) of the GG User at the GSM Operator.
  8. GG Premium / Pakiet Premium – a paid service, in the form of a benefits package, provided by Fintecom in the GG Instant Messenger;
  9. Terms of Service – these Terms of Service for “GG Premium”;
  10. GG Terms and Conditions – the general Terms and Conditions for the GG Instant Messenger services;
  11. GG User – a natural person or a legal entity registered and logged into the GG Instant Messenger and assigned a unique GG number;
  12. Stranger – another GG Instant Messenger User that the GG User does not have on their contact list;
  13. Friend – another GG Instant Messenger User who is on the GG User’s contact list;
  14. GG Service – a service provided electronically as part of the online communication platform;
  15. GG Account – an active GG account of the User, for which GG Premium is purchased by the User
  16. GG Store – the official GG Store through which the User purchases GG Premium;
  17. Payment Processor – companies providing payment services within the meaning of the Act of 19 August 2011 on Payment Services through which the User pays for the GG Premium service.
  18. Personal Data – data provided by the User and collected on the Website, including data collected as part of registration, as well as any other information about an identified or identifiable natural person collected from the User and processed by Fintecom for the proper provision of the Service;
  19. Privacy Policy – the document describing the rules of collecting, processing and protection of personal data, applicable on the GG website, within the scope of the services provided, available at Privacy Policy

III. Basic Information

  1. “GG Premium” Terms of Service define the manner of selecting and using the paid service in the GG Instant Messenger under the name “GG Premium”, as well as the principles concerning the termination of the “GG Premium” service.
  2. Before purchasing the Service, the User is obliged to read these Terms of Service. By purchasing GG Premium, the User accepts the provisions of these Terms of Service.
  3. The purchase of the GG Premium Service does not release the User from complying with the basic Term of Use of GG Platform
  4. The controller of the User’s personal data is Fintecom, in accordance with the Privacy Policy
  5. Personal data collected from the User by the processor of the selected payment method when making payments is covered by the privacy policy of that Payment Processor.
  6. When making a payment, the User shall use a payment method of choice available from the specific processor.
  7. The purchase of the “GG Premium” service via SMS Plus is available only through the Polish mobile network operators listed in point 8e below.
  8. The controller of the payments is:
    a) PayU – for purchases and payments made through a browser in the GG Store,
    b) Google Play – for purchases made on mobile devices running the Android operating
    c) App Store – for purchases made on mobile devices running the iOS operating system.
    d) AppGallery – for purchases made on mobile devices running Huawei’s operating
    e) GSM operators for payments made via SMS Plus:

    1. Orange Polska S.A.,
    2. Polkomtel Sp. z o. o.,
    3. T-Mobile Polska S.A.,
    4. P4 Sp. z o.o. (Play).
  9. Aby dokonać płatności SMS Plus, należy zainicjować transakcję na stronie internetowej Serwisu Mobiltek, wpisując w wyznaczone pole numer swojego telefonu komórkowego a wówczas transakcja zostanie przeprowadzona według następujących zasad:
    a) na podany numer telefonu zostanie wysłany SMS zawierający kod PIN, który należy przepisać w odpowiednim miejscu na stronie internetowej,
    b) użytkownik otrzyma wiadomość SMS potwierdzającą dokonanie płatności,
    c) płatność jest jednorazowa, wartość brutto płatności podana jest na stronie zamawianego produktu,
    d) opłata zostanie naliczona przez Operatora komórkowego poprzez obciążenie odpowiednią kwotą rachunku telefonicznego w przypadku telefonu na abonament lub odjęcie jej od salda użytkownika, w przypadku telefonu na kartę,
    e) użytkownik uzyska dostęp do konta GG Premium w ciągu kilku minut po dokonaniu zapłaty,
    f) usługa SMS Plus, dostępna jest w sieciach GSM: Orange, Play, Plus i T-Mobile,
    g) reklamacje dla płatności SMS, należy składać do MOBILTEK:

IV. Benefits in the “GG Premium” Service

  1. Unlike the GG account in the Standard version, the “GG Premium” account guarantees the User:
    a) no advertising on any device on which the User logs into the GG Instant Messenger,
    b) more space in the Gallery – up to 100 photos / up to 25 MB,
    c) extended access to uploaded files for up to 365 days,
    d) unlimited messages to Strangers,
    e) unlimited invitations sent to Strangers,
    f) User’s profile will be at the top of the search results in the public directory.

V. GG Premium Subscription

  1. When purchasing the GG Premium Service, the User selects one of the access periods:
    a) monthly – the duration of the service is one calendar month from the date of activation,
    b) semi-annual – the duration of the service is six calendar months from the date of
    c) annual – the duration of the service is 12 calendar months from the date of activation.
  2. The current fee for individual access periods is displayed before the purchase in the mobile applications, on the GG Premium website and GG Store
  3. Access to the GG Premium Service is possible after successful payment by the method selected by the User and is not extended automatically.
  4. Fintecom does not collect funds for the service on its own. Each purchase of a selected subscription must be made solely by the User.
  5. If after the expiry of the period of access to GG Premium paid by the User the User does not renew (re-purchase) it, GG Premium will expire and the User’s GG account will revert to the Standard (basic) version.

V. Purchase and Use of the GG Premium Service

  1. The GG Premium service is available in all versions of the GG Instant Messenger i.e.:
    a) mobile (Android, iOS),
    b) desktop,
    c) browser.
  2. To purchase and activate the GG Premium service, the User shall:
    a) have an active GG number. If the User does not have a GG number, they must create an account in the GG Instant Messenger,
    b) have full legal capacity,
    c) accept the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the Store through which the User purchases GG Premium,
    d) in the Store, choose one of the GG Premium subscriptions on offer and add it to the cart,
    e) grant consents required by the Payment Processors, if requested by the Payment Processor of choice,
    f) conclude the purchase using the payment method of choice.
  3. A reminder about the expiration of the GG Premium period will be sent in advance as a GG text message to the corresponding GG account.

VI. Termination of the GG Premium Service

  1. The provision of the GG Premium service is terminated in the event of:
    a) expiration of the service period without renewal of the subscription,
    b) termination of the GG service agreement by the User (deletion of the GG account on which the GG Premium service was activated),
    c) termination of the service agreement by Fintecom due to the User’s use of the GG Service violating the Term of Use of GG Platform.
  2. Purchasing the GG Premium package does not release the User from complying with the general “GG Terms and Conditions”, in particular with regard to ethical behaviour in GG (for more information see Rules and guidelines for the GG community). Failure to comply with the GG Terms and Conditions and unethical behaviour will result in termination of the GG account or accounts, despite the purchase of the Premium package.
  3. If the GG Service Agreement is terminated by the User or by Fintecom while the GG Premium package is valid on the GG account, the GG Premium service fee is not refundable.

VII.Final Provisions

  1. The provisions of the “GG Platform Terms and Conditions” shall apply to all matters not covered in these Terms of Service.
  2. Fintecom may amend the Terms of Service due to:
    a) improvement of the functionality offered by Fintecom as part of GG Premium,
    b) introduction of a new functionality or resignation from some functionalities as part of the GG Premium service.
  3. The aforementioned amendments to the GG Premium Terms of Service shall enter into force on:
    a) the 15th day counting from the day the new content of the Terms of Service is made available,
    b) immediately upon notification of the change or on another date indicated by Fintecom, if the  changes relate to the provisions of the Regulations do not affect the situation of Users.
  4. The User will be informed about changes in these Terms of Service via the GG Instant Messenger or in a message sent to the User’s registered e-mail address.
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